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During June and July 61 missionaries went to serve in Honduras. The missionaries prepared through prayer, fasting, fund-raising and planning. The funds they raised were used for the glory of God. The following is some of what happened in Honduras that summer:

- 2 houses built in Las Mesas
- 2 houses built in Copan
- 2 houses built in Los Planes
- Kindergarten room built for the orphans in Santa Barbara
- 200 foot step side walk built in Las Mesas between houses built in previous years.
- Helped church b rothers do farming at the Church of Zion in Copan.
- 30 Family Boxes distributed in Copan and Las Mesas accompanied by a supply of food.
- 5 Family Boxes distributed in Santa Barbara with a supply of food.
- Over 1,000 peopel recieved medical attention.
- Over 600 school children recieved food.
- 3 baptisms in Santa Barbara, including Ryan Bolesta from Damascus Road.
- 7 baptisms in Copan, including Kim Snyder and Ricardo Batista.
- Heart-changing Prison Ministry.
- The "Jesus Movie" was shown to over 1,000 people.
- Hundreds of Spanish Bibles were handed out.