Mission Honduras

Why Honduras?

More than a decade ago, Roger Record had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Honduras with a group that began working on plans for a children's home in the town of Santa Barbara. Shortly after his trip, Roger felt called to sponsor a child through Compassion International. He picked a little girl named Ingrid who lived in the village of Copan Ruinas, not far from Santa Barbara. Since he knew where she lived, he visited her every time he was in the country on mission trips and got to know her family well.

In 1998 Roger began working as a youth pastor at Damascus Road Community Church and he "felt a strong leading by God to begin a missionary outreach program there." That same year, seven high school students and three adults became the first group from DRCC to make the trip to Honduras. They built an addition on to Ingrid's house and also worked with the children at the orphanage in Santa Barbara.

Those first ten missionaries returned home with wonderful stories, photos, and the "mission glow" that has inspired dozens of people every year to donate their time, resources, and themselves to improving the lives of poor people in Honduras.

Even though Ingrid passed away several years ago in a vehicle accident, her family still welcomes us into their homes and DRCC mission work still goes on in Copan Ruinas. Her family is like a second family to many people who know them and none of us will ever forget Ingrid.