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Travel Tips

Read the Consular Information Sheets (and Public Announcements or Travel Warnings, if applicable) for the countries you plan to visit.

Familiarize yourself with local laws and customs of the countries to which you are traveling. Remember, the U.S. Constitution does not follow you! While in a foreign country, you are subject to its laws.

Do not leave your luggage unattended in public areas. Do not accept packages from strangers.

To avoid being a target of crime, try not to wear conspicuous clothing and expensive jewelry and do not carry excessive amounts of money or unnecessary credit cards.

If you get into trouble, contact the nearest U.S. embassy.

Requirements to Enter Honduras

- Passport
- Proof of return or onward travel (airline ticket)
- Departure tax (about $10)

Non-U.S. citizens must consult the Consulate of Honduras for travel requirements! You may need a visa to travel to Honduras. Please see the bottom of this page for the consulate's contact information.

How To Get A Passport

1. Get a passport application from the local post office and fill it out.

2. Get two identical passport photos taken of you. You can get them done for $8 at Roby's in Damascus.

3. Go to a post office that accepts passport applications. The closest ones to Damascus are the Old TownGaithersburg and Clarksburg post offices. You must bring with you your application, passport photos, proof of U.S. citizenship (birth certificate or naturalization papers), a current photo I.D. (or a parent to vouch for you if you don't have one), and the $40 fee if you are a minor, $65 for adults, or $55 if you are renewing your passport.

4. Wait three to four weeks, or three days if you pay $30 for a rush delivery, until your passport arrives in the mail. Sign your name on the line to make your passport valid and then fill out the emergency information page. Make two copies of your passport identification page. This will facilitate replacement if your passport is lost or stolen. Leave one copy at home with friends or relatives. Carry the other with you in a separate place from your passport.

U.S. Passport Agency
1111 19th Street NW
Washington, DC
Hours: M-F 8am to 3pm

Embassy and Consulate Contact Information

Consulate of Honduras
1528 K Street, NW on the second floor
Washington, DC
(202) 737-2972/78
Office Hours 9:30-2:00 Monday through Friday.

Embassy of Honduras
3007 Tilden Street Suite 4M
N.W., Washington, D.C. 20008
Fax: 202-966-9751
Office Hours: 9:30-5:30 Monday - Friday.

United States Embassy and Consulate
Embajada de los Estados Unidos de América
Avenida La Paz Apartado Postal No. 3453
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Tel: 011-504-236-9320 or 011-504-238-5114
(For information on services for U.S. citizens, ask for ext. 4400)
Embassy Fax: 011-504-236-9037
Consulate Fax: 011-504-238-4357

U.S. Consular Agency in San Pedro Sula
Banco Atlantida Building - 8th Floor
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Tel: 011-504-558-1580


US Passport information

Travel warnings and consular information sheets

The State Department's "Safe Travel Abroad" pamphlet

Embassy of Honduras in Washington, DC

US embassy in Honduras' safety and security website.