Mission Africa

Mission Locations

Following are some areas where we have served in the past.

South Africa

The Republic of South Africa is located in the southernmost part of the continent of Africa. Even though it is one of, if not the most wealthy and well-off nations in Africa, South Africa has a huge problem with AIDS. More than 20% of the population of 44 million is infected with the virus. The most commonly spoken languages the areas Mission H.O.P.E. travels to are Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, and English. South Africa was colonized by the Dutch and the English and ruled by whites until the 1990s, when apartheid was done away with and the country's black majority took over the government.

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"Memel is a small town in the Free State Province of South Africa. It was named after the port city Memel in Lithuania, which is now called Klaipeda. The word is Prussian for surrounded by water."

"It is situated on the R34, only 240 km from Johannesburg, and is situated 30 min from the Kranskop Golf- and Trout Estate, and 50 km from Newcastle. It is situated in the highveld grassland, almost 6000 feet above sea level, and is noted for its breath taking scenic beauty. to the north and west is the gigantic 5000 hectare "Seekoeivlei" nature reserve, which comprises an extensive wetland area of international birding significance."

Memel is the location of the Dumasani orphanage and where we would like to get an AIDS clinic up and running.

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"Vrede is a scenic little town with an imposing sandstone church. The town lies in the North-Eastern Free State about 20km east of the N3, close to the Mpumalanga border. It is surrounded by a large farming district. Vrede was so named after a dispute between the the founding fathers about its name was settled amicably ("in peace"). The town was established in 1863 by European landowners of this area.

Today Vrede finds itself at the hub of a 10 000 hectare region of agricultural plenty, including the Free State's largest stock fairs of maize wheat, mutton, wool, beef, dairy, products and poultry."

Vrede is the town closest to the farm where Ena Bromley grew up.

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