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This is the fifth version of the DRCC Missions website and the second or third time major changes have been made. The first version was blue and created in 2000 for the 2001 trips, the second was green and made in 2001 for the 2002 trips, but in 2002 I made only a few minor changes for 2003. I did not go on the 2003 trips and only made a few changes for 2004 due to extended military-related absences.

While I was gone, Justin did some work on the website and also did the entire 2003 photography section. Before anybody else sees any new designs or major updates, I run them past Justin. If he hates it, I trash it. If he likes it, chances are everybody else will to!

Roger has told me in the past that people asked him why he spends money to have a good website for the mission trips; apparently they think it's not a worthwhile expenditure. No one gets paid to put this website together and no one's mission trip donations go toward its maintenance. I use Notepad to write all the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding by hand and we use Abobe Photoshop to prepare the photographs and make other graphics. Neither of us took any classes, everything was learned with a lot of trial and error and research.

I created the site in Internet Explorer 6 and Mozilla Firefox. The site has a few issues with Netscape and if you are using anything else, like a Macintosh computer, I have no idea what you are seeing.

If you have any questions, problems, or comments, let us know! Justin is your local contact since I am out of the country at the moment.

- Maria and Justin

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AIM: Akinoluna

Email: Justin's Email
AIM: StumbledOnARoot